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Choosing the right Wedding Songs

There are so many details that pop up when planning a wedding, it can quickly become overwhelming. an area that I specialize in is entertainment. And more specifically, music. If you want to know how important the music is to your ceremony or reception, just imagination having either with no music at all. Just the sound of coughing and clearing throats. Perhaps some low mumbling. Not very entertaining. You get the idea. Music plays an important part of your special day. And there are particular events during the ceremony and reception where the right song is absolutely key. I mean, not every Bride wants to walk down the aisle to the Traditional “Here comes the Bride”. More and more couples are taking the time to select special songs for their different ceremony and reception events. This is an excellent way to personalize your big day. but many couples have a very difficult time with song selection. they know they want something different, but they don’t know what.

I hear this quite often in my conversations with clients. So I have compiled several lists from around the web that should help kick start the idea process for that perfect song for your big dance. Be it Father/daughter, your first dance, bouquet toss, or whatever. With any luck, one of the songs may spark inspiration for a new selection that is the perfect reflection for the moment. check out these lists.

First Dance ideas

Garter Toss songs

Mother Son wedding dance songs

Top 100 Father daughter dances