Elegance Package

“A wonderful and talented emcee and DJ. He truly helped keep our wedding flowing smoothly and our dance floor filled!”   Erin C.

Elegance Package

All the special touches to make your wedding day unforgettable!  Easily our most popular package, the Elegance package gives you everything you need to make your celebration one your friends and family will never forget.  Here are the included features.

  1.  A top of the line, Concert quality Sound system that provides rich, full tones                                             even at low volumes. Creating an atmosphere of celebration all can enjoy
  2.  A secondary ceremony PA system to insure that all your vows and special music is heard                                                       clearly by your guests, even outdoors.
  3. Professional grade wireless microphones to make sure everyone can hear those                                                          wonderful stories from your family and friends.
  4. A huge digital music library with literally tens of thousands of songs. so you and your                         family can enjoy all of your musical memories, as well as those of your guests.
  5. Spandex booth and speaker covers lit to Your Bridal colors to create a festive, professional appearance for your celebration.
  6. An LED Dance floor Light show to bring fun and excitement to your party and make sure all your guests have a wonderful time dancing the night away.
  7.  Planning assistance to help you organize the day and make sure all the special events                                                               occur right when you want them to.

Up to 6 hours of performance.

Our price for the Elegance Package:  $995

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